Time Out

Speak I.D.

Dec 2007 - SDPONService.exe is being falsely detected as a virus by System Mechanic 7. More information coming soon.

Nov 2006 - Speak I.D. was released.

May 2005 - Shut Down or Restart Now was purchased by Scottsdale Medical Imaging in Scottsdale, AZ.

Oct 2003 - Shut Down or Restart Now was purchased by Duke University.

Jun 2000 - Space-B-Gone was reviewed and published in PC Alamode Magazine.

Dec 1999 - Space-B-Gone was rated, and won second prize for file management utilities by Lockergnome.

JenykSoft, pronounced "Jen-ick Soft", is a software development company. Our featured program, Time Out, allows you to keep track of your cell phone minutes and will alert you if you have used your allowed minutes for the particular month. Other programs made by JenykSoft announce your caller ID, automatically power on, power off, restart, and log off of your computer, and much more.... We believe in making high quality products, and keeping the prices low to satisfy our customers. If you would like to see the applications we have developed and see screen shots, check out our products section.